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Why Le Marche?

Travellers who want the best of central Italy are heading for Le Marche, the third region, alongside Tuscany and Umbria, that makes up central Italy.

The region lies on the eastern side of central Italy, between the Adriatic Sea and the high Apennine mountains and much of it remains unspoilt by the ravages of mass tourism.

Many visitors who come to Le Marche are looking for a taste of the "real" Italy - you won't be disappointed.

Enjoy the deeply traditional food – blessed with bounty from the mountains, farmland and sea, Le Marche produces a varied, seasonal cuisine and truly distinctive wines.

Whether you want to admire masterpieces of Renaissance art and architecture, trek across wild uncharted mountains or hunt out the best of the catch in a Mediterranean fishing port, Le Marche has enough to keep you busy for years.

Many tourists visit Le Marche for its natural beauty.

The Frasassi caves are some of the most spectacular limestone caves you are every likely to visit.

Most of Italy's Adriatic coastline is stubbornly flat. Monte Conero, just south of Ancona, is a rare exception - a high limestone mountain that plunges into the sea and guards a handful of delightful little bathing resorts.

Of the many seaside resorts, the prettiest is Sirolo on the Conero peninsula.


Welcome in Le Marche! Have a nice holiday!

Map of Le Marche
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